Tile Cleaning Specialists

Protection for the colour of your tiles

With the passage of time, tile and grout can become stained and dirty. You need expert help to get them looking clean again. At Tile & Grout Solutions, we use a special sealing agent called Grout Solutions to seal grout and to protect the colour of your tiles. This solution is available in different colours, which allows you to change the colour of your grout so that it can better complement the existing tiles.

Our tile and grout cleaning services include:

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    Tile cleaning

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    Grout cleaning

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    Tile sealing

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Innovative techniques

We have developed innovative techniques to bring old, damaged, stained and broken tiles back to life. We can seal and colour your grout, and leave you with a washable grout joint that does not absorb dirt. We can also stain the grout in a colour of your choice including white, ivory, grey and sandstone.

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